March 27, 2013

Summer Fashion

With all the hot days, bet you know it is summer. And summer is a great time to get out and flaunt our colorful outfits surely beat the summer sun.  And here are my favorite and essential pieces when summer (even not summer haha) is around.

1. Board shorts – I’m a big fan of board, not only because of their quirky colorful prints, they also easy to get dry. It also comfortable to wear, perfect for hot days.

billabong zalora 2450 
Billabong shorts from (2, 450)

fashion beans 190 euro versace
Versace board shorts from (190 euro)

2. Hats or head gear – I’m not really a big fan of hat, but the only I can say is that, it can give you an instant style to your summer get up. Hat also serves as protection to your mane.

paul smith 50 euro fashion beans
Paul Smith fedora from (50 euro)

3. Bags – To keep your stuff in place.

mi pac 1500
Mi Pac from (1500)

herschel 80 euro fashion beans
Herschel from (80 euro)

4. Shades  - This is my favorite fashion accessories, not only for eye protection but also a style saver, just find the right frame for your face and your ready to go.

a typical 250 zalora
A-typical shades from (250)

vitage semi clubmasters 16 euro
For different style, why not try this Semi Vintage clubmaster (16 euro) from

5. Footwear – To complete your summer outfit, be sure to choose a comfortable footwear, it could be a pair of flip flops or a boat shoes for a casual style.

banana peel 390
Banana Peel (390) from

sperry bahama boat shoes orage 55 euro
Sperry Bahama boat shoes in orange (55 euro) from

There you go, the essential fashion pieces that surely keep up you summer cool and fun.
All local items can be purchase online, just hit on your browser.  And other items are available at



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