June 25, 2013

Penshoppe X Status Magazine Shoe Design Contest

Just got in this day, Penshoppe which is a local fashion retail company tied up with Status Magazine to bring a kick ass shoe design contest. Sound exciting? Yeah right. Another great contest that you don't want to miss. So what you waiting for, download the template HERE. Follow the rules make sure your entries on or before the deadline. *If the link does not work, try this one, PenshoppeXStatus, right click on the blank shoe canvas template (second picture) and save image. More details and intructions is posted on the Status Magazine site.

PenshoppeXStatus. statusmagonline.com

Penshoppe will pick 3 guys and 3 girls entries that will be produce to a limited edition collection which will be sold at selected Penshoppe shop. Winning designs will also featured in a 6-page fashion spread in Status Magazine that will come out on September issue. In addition, winners also get a sure VIP seats at the Penshoppe SS14 show in next Philippine Fashion Week season and a 5,000 worth of Penshoppe cards. Isn't that an awesome prizes?

For more info and updates, follow Penshoppe @PENSHOPPE and Status Magazine @statusmagazine or you may like their facebook pages, PENSHOPPE (Official) and STATUS Magazine.

June 24, 2013

Americas Next Top Model: Guys and Girls

ANTM. facebook.com
The successful ANTM is now on its cycle 20 with all new ideas of having a contestants of male models. The new show will air in Summer 2013 on The CW TV. The panel of judges include  Tyra Banks, Rob Evans, Kelly Curtrone , Bryan Boy and the addition Johnny Wujek as photo shoot creative consultant.

The judges in the new ANTM Cycle 20.

ANTM. facebook.com
The elimination will still be the same as in the previous cycle. Aside from the in house judges, there still  have a public voting.

After meeting the judges, lets now take a look at the contestants. Eight guys and eight girls competing in becoming ANTM winner. From this set, I like Don and Jeremy in terms of their look, but I don't know with their performance. We'll see it when the show airs.

The winner will receive prizes including a $100,000 national ad campaign with Guess, a fashion feature in Nylon Magazine, as well as modelling contract with Next Model Management.

Some photos from the first photoshoot.

ANTM. facebook.com

ANTM. facebook.com
It’s gonna be a battle of the sexes and like from previous seasons, its gonna be tough, crazier, and more drama. But I’m sure its going to be hot and sexier.

Teaser photo with the contestants in fierce nail art.

I’m a fan of this show since the first season. I can still remember the two models Shannon and Adrianne walking for a finale in a Baby Phat show. This year, for sure it's gonna be a hit with all the changes in show format.

Wanna be on top? Catch the ANTM Cycle 20 here in the Philippines at ETC by August.

June 23, 2013

My Bookmarks

Not to talk about the last page of the book that I’m reading but the websites that I bookmarked to my Google Chrome. Everyday I have to check one or all these sites to see if a new post is uploaded and get the latest information in the world of fashion.


baghagdiaries.com basically features review about designer bags. Ingrid Go blog started out when she made a post about a designer bag she purchased. She told there, if the bag she bought is a worth the money, instead of buying a sofa for her home. As time goes, the blog also features some of her travels, and coverage's of different events and shows during fashion week in both local and abroad.

Ingrid Chua- Go. archdexart.com
Person behind the successful blog, Ingrid Go.


Mother D’s blog probably one of many blogs that I do love. Her wit words made me laugh. I love the way she writes, it show what personality she has. Her blog features many things, from beauty, tutorials, travels, fashion, OTD looks, life lessons and other becklings related things. I always look forward to her new postings, coz every time I read it, it leaves a smile on me. Mother D makes me happy.

Divine Lee. lookbook.nu
One of Mother D's OTD. 


This site shows different individuals’ fashion consciousness. Blogger from different countries with different culture show how and what they wear everyday. This site started out the OTD postings. I find this site really interesting because I’m able to discover new styling techniques and fashion cultures. Filipino bloggers also invading this fashion hub like Camille Co, Kryz Uy, Andre Chang and David Guison. Visit it now and take a peek on their postings.

Some of Filipino bloggers and leaders in Lookbook.

Andre Chang. lookbook.nu
Andre Chang's avant grade fashion.

David Guison. lookbook.nu
David and his latest postings.


An easy to navigate site that features the happening in the international fashion scene. I go to this site to see the new photos taken from collections during fashion week season. As an addition, it also gives information on new trends, parties and events.

Latest offer from the site, an updated news from Menswear Spring 2014 collection. They also do live streaming of fashion shows.

There you go, my top site to visit. You can also share some sites that you love which I haven’t check out. Make a comment below for you suggestion.

June 14, 2013

Happy Fathers Day

This coming Sunday is a great time to payback all the hard work that your Dad's doing for the family. Fathers tend to forget some of their personal simple needs because sometimes they give all for the family. So, why we don't take effort to surprise or treat your father with one of these ideas that surely every Dad will feel great and important.

Time to give him a new watch, try to spend on this watch by Mossimo which is sporty yet classic. Because of its leather strap this will surely match your Dad's day to day outfit. Mossimo Madera cost Php. 5, 580.00 at Zalora.
Mossimo. zalora.com.ph
For Dad's always on the go, this Diadora GEAR Messenger bag is perfect for him. For his everyday errand, this dark colored bag will stand the activity without worrying of getting dirt easily. Get this online for only 1,299.00 at Zalora.
Diadora. zalora.com.ph

For Dad's who want extreme fun, this activity will surely best for you. Get an all-day pass at Global Gutz through Ensogo online deal. This not only limited to Dad's enjoyment, a whole family will surely have a great time to play the paintball shooting with full equip and gear. You can also try the laser shooting game at Lazer Xtreme. Both deals have affordable price and available here.

Global Gutz. ensogo.com.ph

Lazer Xtreme. ensogo.com.ph
For hungry Dad and just want to eat out with the family this would perfect. Eat out at his favorite resto in town or splurge in a cuisine that your Dad will fill his hungry stomach. Try these restos with their affordable deals that your budget fit in.

Treat your father to Holy Cow and taste their famous steaks and other tasteful American cuisine. Get a limited offer at MetroDeal.

Holy Cow. metrodeal.com

For movie addict, treat your father in a Cafe with a movie theme ambiance. Enjoy an unlimited dining here through ensogo deal. In Star Movies Cafe, your Dad will feel like a movie star. Get the deal here.

 Star Movies Cafe. ensogo.com.ph

Not only Mom deserve a massage. Your father will surely like a one day experience to pamper in a body massage. Whether it is a Swedish or Shiatsu, he gonna love it. Find a good spa center near you and find a good deals or your may avail one of the ensogo deals.

Zen Asia.ensogo.com.ph
But if you want a simple yet thoughtful move, a cake with a message is a great option. Grab some dedication cake from Red Ribbon and put some personal message on it. Red Ribbon dedication cake is a good alternative to a Hallmark card. haha.

Red Ribbon
But if you are on a tight budget, just give your Dad a great big hug and a kiss. No matter what you decide on that day, your Dad will appreciate it. Just show him how important he is and how you love them and remember to spend a quality time with him on Sunday.

June 2, 2013

Pasta With Sardines by Mark Bittman

Its been a long time since I made a post about cooking. Im no good when it comes to cooking, I just want to share with you the food I do love to eat and share how it easy to make. With Mark Bittman, he will teach you how to create a delicious and guilt-free pasta.

TheNewYorkTimes. youtube.com

Enjoy and try to do it now. A best way to indulge in weekend.

Michael Cinco at Philippine Fashion Week

Late post. I know it is already a weeks ago since this show happened, but I just want to share with you guys a great time I had to his show.

One of the highlights of PHFW Holiday 2013 is the Michael Cinco show which happened on the first day after the SM Ladies and Parisian. I was able to get a chance to see the much awaited and talk of the town, and spectacular show by Michael Cinco. It is worth to wait in long queue of people who desperately want to see his creation. At around 9:30 pm, Hall 3 in the SMX Convention Center open its door to the audience. 

When I entered the room, I felt the great energy coming these people. I can say the crowd really excited to see what Michael Cinco can offer tonight.

I like to commend the people behind the production of the show. They did a great job, love the music, lights, stage and people around. 

Me and my Mom, photo opt while waiting to show starts. Were comfortably seated with a good view of the stage.

Before show started, Joey Espino gave an opening remarks.

Lights out. Music starting to play, gave the audience a trilled and excitement. Models line up in the midst of darkness.

The first part of the show is the white number, all dresses are in white which is the designer said it was inspired by the Russian culture.

All lights starting to play around, which is really pleasing to the eye. Each model were highlighted and it helps the crystals to shine more.

Models looked elegant. Every piece in this show is really spectacular. Every outfit is a product of hard work and can see the details are intricately designed and in place in the fabric.

From long to short dresses. Beads, pearls, laces and Swarovski crystals which elegantly shine through the lights.

See the light playing. I love this photo I took. Looks like the skirt illuminates inside.

Jasmine making her way.

Jasmine doing a drama.

After the white number, next to that is the black. All dresses are in black, and of course, it filled with crystals  too.

More playful lights.

Ria Bolivar with lace cape.

I love Ria in runway, she is really a professional. I love the way she did with the cape.

A black queen gone mad look.

Another cape. One thing I noticed the show, models are all wearing head pieces, either in headband with jewels or a crown. The crowns are my favorite, I really do, especially the black. Is too bad, that I wasn't able to take a good photo of it.

A short dress from black collection. From a far it looks like a Versace dress from Fall collection.

A sparkling skirt.

More laces and sheer.

Michael Cinco is no longer new to Philippine Fashion Week. He already featured in a all fabulous and great show by L'Oreal Paris and did a show for Bench in launching of his own perfume line. The signature of Michael Cinco show is the drama. he love to tell a great and poetic story which reflects the beauty of his creation.

The black number was spectacular, it looks like a Black Swan story telling. After the black, next to that are three finale pieces. They are beautiful and big sparkling pieces.

The gown is the same as Paloma wore in the MET Gala minus the black layered skirt.

Paloma. instylewithstylebabe.files.wordpress.com

Drama through the lights.

 Next is Charo in white ensemble. Looks like a wedding gown, its skirt is filled with petal appliques.

The back detail.

A dramatic moment of Charo.

Chat in white layered skirt gown.

The back detail. With all the details in it, I wonder how much this thing cost? 

Another dramatic moment by Chat.

Finale. The white collection. 

The finale. Black collection.

Michael Cinco at the end of the show. He received a minute of standing ovation after the show. Crowd was eager to take a photo of him on stage.

The show is a celebration of Michael Cinco 20th year in the industry. Through the years he managed to make beautiful creation and become famous worldwide. Designer based in Dubai, showed us what his craftsmanship all about. It shows in the detail in every piece he made and how he put his inspiration and creativity. I’m so honored to witness a maybe once in my lifetime experience. I feel proud that a Filipino like him represent in the worldwide arena of competition and he can stand out and make his mark. I really love Michael Cinco, hope he continue to become more famous and successful in the industry. Hope to see another show of him.

My outfit for the night.

Bye Bye

Bye Bye