June 2, 2013

Michael Cinco at Philippine Fashion Week

Late post. I know it is already a weeks ago since this show happened, but I just want to share with you guys a great time I had to his show.

One of the highlights of PHFW Holiday 2013 is the Michael Cinco show which happened on the first day after the SM Ladies and Parisian. I was able to get a chance to see the much awaited and talk of the town, and spectacular show by Michael Cinco. It is worth to wait in long queue of people who desperately want to see his creation. At around 9:30 pm, Hall 3 in the SMX Convention Center open its door to the audience. 

When I entered the room, I felt the great energy coming these people. I can say the crowd really excited to see what Michael Cinco can offer tonight.

I like to commend the people behind the production of the show. They did a great job, love the music, lights, stage and people around. 

Me and my Mom, photo opt while waiting to show starts. Were comfortably seated with a good view of the stage.

Before show started, Joey Espino gave an opening remarks.

Lights out. Music starting to play, gave the audience a trilled and excitement. Models line up in the midst of darkness.

The first part of the show is the white number, all dresses are in white which is the designer said it was inspired by the Russian culture.

All lights starting to play around, which is really pleasing to the eye. Each model were highlighted and it helps the crystals to shine more.

Models looked elegant. Every piece in this show is really spectacular. Every outfit is a product of hard work and can see the details are intricately designed and in place in the fabric.

From long to short dresses. Beads, pearls, laces and Swarovski crystals which elegantly shine through the lights.

See the light playing. I love this photo I took. Looks like the skirt illuminates inside.

Jasmine making her way.

Jasmine doing a drama.

After the white number, next to that is the black. All dresses are in black, and of course, it filled with crystals  too.

More playful lights.

Ria Bolivar with lace cape.

I love Ria in runway, she is really a professional. I love the way she did with the cape.

A black queen gone mad look.

Another cape. One thing I noticed the show, models are all wearing head pieces, either in headband with jewels or a crown. The crowns are my favorite, I really do, especially the black. Is too bad, that I wasn't able to take a good photo of it.

A short dress from black collection. From a far it looks like a Versace dress from Fall collection.

A sparkling skirt.

More laces and sheer.

Michael Cinco is no longer new to Philippine Fashion Week. He already featured in a all fabulous and great show by L'Oreal Paris and did a show for Bench in launching of his own perfume line. The signature of Michael Cinco show is the drama. he love to tell a great and poetic story which reflects the beauty of his creation.

The black number was spectacular, it looks like a Black Swan story telling. After the black, next to that are three finale pieces. They are beautiful and big sparkling pieces.

The gown is the same as Paloma wore in the MET Gala minus the black layered skirt.

Paloma. instylewithstylebabe.files.wordpress.com

Drama through the lights.

 Next is Charo in white ensemble. Looks like a wedding gown, its skirt is filled with petal appliques.

The back detail.

A dramatic moment of Charo.

Chat in white layered skirt gown.

The back detail. With all the details in it, I wonder how much this thing cost? 

Another dramatic moment by Chat.

Finale. The white collection. 

The finale. Black collection.

Michael Cinco at the end of the show. He received a minute of standing ovation after the show. Crowd was eager to take a photo of him on stage.

The show is a celebration of Michael Cinco 20th year in the industry. Through the years he managed to make beautiful creation and become famous worldwide. Designer based in Dubai, showed us what his craftsmanship all about. It shows in the detail in every piece he made and how he put his inspiration and creativity. I’m so honored to witness a maybe once in my lifetime experience. I feel proud that a Filipino like him represent in the worldwide arena of competition and he can stand out and make his mark. I really love Michael Cinco, hope he continue to become more famous and successful in the industry. Hope to see another show of him.

My outfit for the night.

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