June 23, 2013

My Bookmarks

Not to talk about the last page of the book that I’m reading but the websites that I bookmarked to my Google Chrome. Everyday I have to check one or all these sites to see if a new post is uploaded and get the latest information in the world of fashion.


baghagdiaries.com basically features review about designer bags. Ingrid Go blog started out when she made a post about a designer bag she purchased. She told there, if the bag she bought is a worth the money, instead of buying a sofa for her home. As time goes, the blog also features some of her travels, and coverage's of different events and shows during fashion week in both local and abroad.

Ingrid Chua- Go. archdexart.com
Person behind the successful blog, Ingrid Go.


Mother D’s blog probably one of many blogs that I do love. Her wit words made me laugh. I love the way she writes, it show what personality she has. Her blog features many things, from beauty, tutorials, travels, fashion, OTD looks, life lessons and other becklings related things. I always look forward to her new postings, coz every time I read it, it leaves a smile on me. Mother D makes me happy.

Divine Lee. lookbook.nu
One of Mother D's OTD. 


This site shows different individuals’ fashion consciousness. Blogger from different countries with different culture show how and what they wear everyday. This site started out the OTD postings. I find this site really interesting because I’m able to discover new styling techniques and fashion cultures. Filipino bloggers also invading this fashion hub like Camille Co, Kryz Uy, Andre Chang and David Guison. Visit it now and take a peek on their postings.

Some of Filipino bloggers and leaders in Lookbook.

Andre Chang. lookbook.nu
Andre Chang's avant grade fashion.

David Guison. lookbook.nu
David and his latest postings.


An easy to navigate site that features the happening in the international fashion scene. I go to this site to see the new photos taken from collections during fashion week season. As an addition, it also gives information on new trends, parties and events.

Latest offer from the site, an updated news from Menswear Spring 2014 collection. They also do live streaming of fashion shows.

There you go, my top site to visit. You can also share some sites that you love which I haven’t check out. Make a comment below for you suggestion.

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