May 7, 2014

Make Your Own Magnum

In this generation all things can be custom made. Things can come out according to your preferences, from bags, clothes, house, cars to food lahat na pwede. So when I heard about this place I make sure I get chance to try their offerings.

Kaligayahan ko na talaga ang ice cream lalo na ngayong summer, just to ease the heat. Hindi lang tuwing summer, kahit in bad mood. Ice cream is the best way to be in good mood.

Magnum Manila AGM (7)
Magnum Manila just recently opened in the heart of Taguig. It is the one and only Magnum pleasure bar in the Philippines and 14th city in the world to offer Make Your Own Magnum, wherein you can customize the world famous Magnum ice cream.

Magnum Manila AGM (12)

Magnum Manila is not just an ice cream bar only, it also offer a savory dishes crafted by  Chef Him Uy de Baron. The pop-up store also offers signature desserts made by Chef Miko Aspiras. From entrees to dessert you can have it all here.

Magnum Manila AGM (9)

The Magnum Bar. First you have to start choosing for toppings. You can have almond, pistachios, marshmallows, queso de bola, nerds candy, dried mango, cookies, pretzels and even chili flakes. Choose from wide selection of toppings. Kahit anong bet mo will surely goes well with your Magnum.

Magnum Manila AGM (14)

Magnum Manila AGM (3)

For my creation, I got dried mangoes, honeycomb, and pistachios. Gusto ko sana I try lahat lalo na yung chili flakes kaso hanggang tatlo lang, I’m wondering what it taste like.

Magnum Manila AGM (15)

After the toppings, next to think is your Magnum ice cream flavor. Mine, I got vanilla to compliment the toppings of  my choice.

Magnum Manila AGM (2)

Next, the pleasure maker guy will ask for your dip flavor. Dark chocolate for my dip and for drizzle I picked out the limited edition Magnum gold colored chocolate.

Magnum Manila AGM (4)

The pleasure maker guy doing his magic in creating my own version of Magnum ice cream.

Magnum Manila AGM (5)

And this is the finish product. My very own custom made ice cream. Rich choco taste that goes well with tropic inspired toppings of fruits and nuts.

Magnum Manila AGM (6)

Magnum Manila has sleek and modern architecture design, which I heard Ed Calma is the responsible for it. And the for the art installation which is inspired by Banaue Rice Terraces is by Carlo Calma.

Magnum Manila AGM (1)

Magnum Manila in SM Aura would only be open for a year. So better to visit the place now and experience Make Your Own Magnum.

Magnum Manila AGM (10)

One of the art display in the resto. There’s actually six of them but this one really caught my attention. Bongga!

Magnum Manila AGM (8)

Magnum logo wall installation, which actually made of Magnum sticks. Amazing.

Magnum Manila AGM (11)

So kahit alam kong overrated ang Magnum, I still tried to got a taste on this. Kahit sinadya ko pa siya sa Aura para lang ma experience ito and to check out the place. Parang ewan lang di ba. Siguro ganito talaga ang pleasure seeker.

Magnum Manila AGM (13)

“A day without pleasure is a day lost”

Magnum Manila
5th Flr, SM Aura, Taguig City

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